Modul 7- Academic Intergrity & Performance

By; Mohd. Ikhsan bin Mohd Raus
      Roslan Jamaluddin
      Mohd Faizal Azrul Azwan bin Muhammad @ Che Harun


Copy paste/copy people work and declare as yours!

1. Assignment

INGKA(a web that can detect if we plagiarism)

How to prevent plagiarism?

Paraphrasing➡Express the meaning of writer/speaker using different works
Referencing➡Provide ( a book or article) with citations of authorities

Steps to paraphasing

Reword➡Place words by using synonyms
Rearrange➡Active to passive, passive to active
Recheck➡Make sure the meaning


➡Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA)
➡Grade Point Average(GPA)


Problem Solving
Practical Skills
Social skills& responsibility
Ethnics & value
Information Management

How to calculate GPA & CGPA

GPA is the total credit values registered and attempted in the assessment of a semester

CGPA is total units acquired in the same semester

Marking grades