Module 5-Memory Learning and Improving Concentration

By Encik Muhd Naim

This Learning Pyramid shows us that only attending classes will not give us good grades. Lecture, reading, audio-visual, demonstration, discussion, practice and teach others what we learnt all together will promise us good grades. We cannot skip even one of the requirements above in order to get 4.0 GPA.

Humans are special because they have brains, conscience and also memory. Human’s brain size is three times larger than gorilla’s brain?

Memory and brain is not the same thing. Memory is our ability in keeping and recalling information and experiences while brain is an organ that we have. Memory is like software and brain is the hardware.


There are 100 000 000 000 cells in human brain
Left brain person is someone that is good in mathematics, speech, logic, fact, conclusion, analysis and a very detail person.
Right brain person usually very creative, artistic, instinctive, idealistic, imaginative, poetic and holistic.

 Men's brain
 Women's brain


Why we always forgot?
  • Concentration
  • Time Factor
  • Disturbance
Easy to remember if:

  • Like
  • Choice
  • Recall
  • Exercies


Repeat the information too many times. Example, repeat the phone number for 10 times.

 Elaboration Strategies

  • Acronyms
            e.g MAS- Malaysian Airline System
                  UiTM- Universiti Teknologi Mara

  • Acrostics
           e.g   carnivores

the catchphrase: " Can Henry OmitnDents

Causes of Poor Concentration
  • lack of attention
  • lack of interest 
  • lack of motivation
  • distraction from others
  • uncomfortable environment
  • physiological matters-illness, tiredness
  • physiological matters- personal problems, worries, anxieties