Module 6- Note Taking

⏺Sir Faris
⏺Madam Rozita
⏺Miss Suria

-Individual assignment(Take lecture notes modul 1-7) {40%}
-Group assignment {60%}

1. Video(maximum 10 minutes only)

✔5 places in UiTM
✔Must filming all the group members and all of them should talk
✔The members must talk in English
✔Upload to the platform that all people can watch it(youtube,dropbox,google+)
✔Email to

The content that must have in that video

✔Intro(introduce your group members)
✔Ways how to introduce those 5 places
✔Grafic image
✔Creativity & origanality
✔Highlight the title.

Individual Assignment(e portfolio)
Example; blogger,google+
✔All the notes have to convert to English


What is taking notes?
Writing down ideas from lectures and readings in our own words
Not copying the lectures

Why take notes?
✅Helps us to pay attention in class
✅Helps us study for quiz/test/final
✅Helps us improve our memory

How do we take notes?
  • Date and label notes
  • Give ourselves space to write
  • Use abbreviations and symbols
  • Use an outline to show
  1. Main Idea
  2. Supports
  3. Examples
  • Use our own language
Useful abbreviations

Why review notes?

▶We lose 80% of what we hear if it is not reviewed within a few hours
▶Identify any questions for peers, the next class or ask the proffessor
▶There us not enough time to absob all the informatiob given in class if it's not reviewed the regular basis
▶Think "if I were tested on thus"

Why recapture notes?

✅write in quick
✅shorthand during class
✅excellent test-prep

What materials do we need❔

✅Loose-leaf paper

Before class;

✔Review the notes from the day before
✔Review your reading assignment
✔Paper, text, pen/pencil/handout
✔Write the date
✔Leave spaces between the line