Module 1- Learning Style

By Encik Halil bin Paino
At Dewan Indera Segara

Student portfolio requirement
  • Learning style inventory
  • Goal statements
  • Notes on library tour
  • Fixed-commitment tour
  • Job task analysis
  • Prioritize to-do list
  • Memory strategies
  • Organizational strategies
  • Concentration strategies
  • Concentration chart
  • Reading text
  • Note-taking strategies
  • Note-taking exercise using Cornell Method
  • GPA worksheet
During Interim, the students will study 4 subjects(ELC,CTU,Study Skills & Co-curricular). But, the students will sit for exam only for ELC & CTU subjects. For study skills(UED) , the students must do a video(5 places in UiTM Jengka) by group and e-portfolio(Notes of UED module) byself. Mark will be given 40% through on-going assessment during classes and 60% through e-portfolio. Students can do their e-portfolio either on their private blog or Google plus. Encik Halil also said that university life is completely different from our previous life which was secondary school life. Here, we need to be independent in order to survive each semester. We need to be wise in learning. If we have questions on our mind, we need to ask the lecturers. Unlike school, lecturers will be waiting for our questions. No questions mean we know everything. In school, teachers spoon-feed us everything. We just stay there and wait for the information. On this week class, we were sorted into groups. There are 6 groups. Each group contain approximately 200 students. Me myself are in group UED 120 1E.